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Chinese Chapter

The CAA Chinese Chapter is a descendant of the Chinese Student Club formed over 100 years ago to help ethnic Chinese students overcome social and economic barriers while attending UC Berkeley. It is one of the oldest chapters of CAA's chartered chapters. We continue to give scholarships to students and sponsor events for alumni.

The Chinese Chapter sponsors the annual Berkeley China Summit.

CAA Chinese Chapter is an official sponsor of the Berkeley China Summit (BCS), an annual conference held at UC Berkeley every fall with the mission to highlight Berkeley’s strengths and to encourage bilateral discussion and collaboration between US and China. Organized and sponsored by official UC Berkeley alumni and student organizations since 2016, BCS is dedicated to connecting Chinese and American businesses and investors with the technology, engineering, and business innovation expertise on UC Berkeley campus and across the Bay Area.

For more details, please see the official website:
Berkley China Summit (BCS) 伯克利中美峰会

Scholarships Supported by the Chinese Chapter

Each year the Chinese Chapter gives the following scholarships to deserving Cal students:

Undergraduate Level

  • Alvin B. & Norma W. Chan Scholarship
  • Norman P. & Pansy L. Chan Scholarship
  • Chao Suet Foundation
  • Chinese Chapter Scholarship
  • Diana T. Y. Chung Scholarship
  • Professor Jacob Fong Scholarship
  • Lawrence Y. & Margaret C. Fong Scholarship
  • Gum Hayne Hall Memorial Scholarship
  • Fawn-Sam & Wai-Sue Louie Scholarship
  • Glenn D. & Evelyn M. Lym Scholarship
  • Jeanne Mok Scholarship
  • Poon Family Foundation
  • Henry B. Woo, MD Scholarship
  • Patrick & Judy Young Scholarship

Graduate Level

  • Robert Foo Fellowship
  • Jackson Kee Hu Fellowship
  • Ching Wah Lee Fellowship
  • Bertwing C. Mah Fellowship
  • Patrick & Judy Young Fellowship
  • Alvin B. & Norma W. Chan Fellowship (HAAS)
  • Norman P. & Pansy L. Chan Fellowship (School of Public Health)

Cal Alumni Association: Chinese Chapter Endowed Scholarships

  • Leadership Award Scholarships
  • Distinguished Chinese Chapter Alumni and Friend Scholarship
  • Gim and Chun Chan Scholarship
  • Pam Chun Joyce and Fred J. Joyce, III ScholarshipProfessor Ernest Kuh Scholarship
  • Professor Yuan T. Lee Scholarship
  • Professor T.Y. Lin Scholarship
  • Bertwing Mah Scholarship
  • Chancelllor Chang Lin Tien Scholarship
  • C.C. Wing Scholarship
  • The Achievement Award Scholarships (TAAP)
  • Francis Jong Scholarship
  • Daisy Quan Scholarship
  • Professor Ling Chi Wang Scholarship

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A compilation of screenshots from the Bears in China videos

Bears in China

The Chinese Chapter presents a diverse set of stories to provide a different perspective on China than those often presented in mainstream media.

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