Prytaneans in the News

May 2023 | Former Honor Society President Catey Vera receives prestigious 2023 University Medal

Read the interview: For top graduating senior, a pirouette from ballet to human rights

MARCH 2023 | Cal Alumni Association interviews Michelle Nie, Prytanean Alumni Student Awards Chair and Scholarship Chair for The Leadership Award.

Read the interview: The First Women's Honor Society Pays It Forward 

APRIL 2022 | Maria Protti was interviewed by CAA for their Alumni Spotlight segment of the April 2022 Chapter Leader Newsletter:

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Professor Andrea Roth and Marilyn Morrish were interviewed by The Berkeleyan and Daily Cal:

Read the The Berkeleyan story: Courtroom Experience Makes Law Professor an Expert Instructor

Daily Cal story: All-female alumni association honors UC Berkeley law professor with 25K grant 

Prytanean Award Winner Sarah Anzia discussed How COVID-19 Will Shape the 2020 Election

Watch the video via YouTube: Berkeley Conversations - How COVID-19 will shape the 2020 Election 

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Prytanean Faculty Award Winner finds eternal peace in homeland

Read the Tribune story: Harvard to Shakargarh: Legendary academician finds eternal peace in homeland