Prytanean Faculty Enrichment Award Winners

The Cal Prytanean Honor Society Alumnae invites you to apply for the 2023 Prytanean Faculty Award! 

Eligible applicants should be an Assistant Professor on a tenure track who has been a UC Berkeley faculty member for at least two years. Please share this information with eligible colleagues.

Each year, the Prytanean Alumnae Chapter honors an early career faculty member with an unrestricted $35,000 award in recognition of outstanding scholarship, teaching, mentoring, and service.

We use an inclusive definition of “woman.” We welcome cis women, trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as women in a way that is significant to them.

The Prytanean Honor Society was established on the UC Berkeley campus in 1901 by and for undergraduate women. Since 1985, the Cal Prytanean Alumnae Chapter has recognized UC Berkeley's mission to attract and retain outstanding early career women and nonbinary faculty through the Prytanean Faculty Award.

Professor Angelica Stacey, Department of Chemistry, was our inaugural recipient. Recent awardees represent a range of disciplines, including:

2015: G. Cristina Mora, Sociology

2016: Sarah Anzia, Public Policy

2017: Andrea Roth, Law

2018: Jessica Lu, Astronomy

2019: Markita Landry, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2020: Henrike Lange, Art History

2021: Grace Gu, Mechanical Engineering

2022: Anna Livia Brand, Landscape Architecture

Application materials can be submitted here.

The submission deadline is September 15, 2023.

Please email us with any questions or points of clarification.

Since 1986, Prytanean Alumnae, Inc. has annually awarded a financial grant to an outstanding woman junior faculty member on the Berkeley campus. The original award of $10,000 is now $35,000. Through a competitive process, the winner is chosen for the record as a distinguished teacher, her demonstrated scholarly achievement, and her success as a role model for students at the University of California, Berkeley. Award winners have used the grant for child care, transportation to research sites, and conferences. Many have hired research assistants or purchased useful equipment which would otherwise be unavailable.

Members of Prytanean Alumnae, Inc., are proud to have founded the Prytanean Faculty Award over two decades ago. Member contributions to the endowment have resulted in the organization’s ability to award over $550,000 to outstanding women faculty members. The membership looks forward to further service to the University, its students and faculty.


Award Recipients

1986     Angelica Stacy         Chemistry
1987     Brenda Eskenazi     Maternal & Child Health & Epidemiology
1988     Andrea Peterson      Law
1989     Sau-ling Wong         Asian American Studies
1990     Deborah Nolan        Statistics
1991     Denise Herd            Social & Administrative Health Sciences
1992     Celeste B. Langan   English
1993     Kiren Chaudhry        Political Science
1994     Carla D’Antonio        Integrative Biology
1995     Katherine Bergeron  Music
1996     Jasmina Vujic           Nuclear Engineering
1997     Lisa Pruitt                 Mechanical Engineering
1998     Carolyn Bertozzi       Chemistry
1999     Lucia Jacobs            Psychology
2000     Jennifer Miller           English
2001     Eileen Lacey             Integrative Biology
2002     Eva Harris                 Public Health
2003     Serena Chen             Psychology
2004     Ananya Roy              City & Regional Planning
2005     Sara McMains           Mechanical Engineering
2006     Isha Ray                    Energy & Resource Group
2007     Lori Markson              Psychology
2008     Chelsea Specht         Plant & Microbial Biology
2009     Line Mikkelsen          Linguistics
2010     Daniela Kaufer          Integrative Biology
2011     Britt Glaunsinger       Plant & Microbial Biology
2012     Diana Bautista          Molecular & Cell Biology
2013     Lauren Williams        Mathematics
2014     Valerie Shapiro         Social Welfare
2015     Cristina Mora            Sociology
2016     Sarah Anzia              Public Policy
2017     Dr. Andrea Roth        Law
2018     Jessica Lu                Astrophysics
2019     Markita Landry         Chemical & Bioengineering
2020     Henrike Lange         Art History & Italian Studies
2021     Grace X. Gu            Mechanical Engineering
2022     Anna Brand             Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning