Student Film Projects

The CAA Chinese Chapter is proud to support UC Berkeley's Department of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies (AAADS) by providing financial support to students working on projects that preserve Chinese American history. Students taking Professor Harvey Dong's Chinese American History class are given the option to make short films/documentaries (5-10 minutes) in lieu of traditional term papers.

Four (4) film projects were completed in the spring semester of 2019 (click on hyperlinks to view them):

 1 Cal Alumni Association Chinese Chapter

 2 Chinese Hospital

 3 Angel Island

 4 SRO Housing and Children in San Francisco Chinatown

Ten (10) film projects were completed in the spring semester of 2020 (click on hyperlinks to view them):

Remembering: The Stories of Chinese American WWII Veterans

Mun Ching (Chinese American Democratic Youth League)

Gordon J Lau School

Preserving Chinese American History: SF Chinatown’s CHSA

Sweatshops, Jung Sai & NYC Garment Strikes: A Breakthrough for Immigrant Women’s Resistance

The Evolution and Legacy of Chinatown Associations

Art, Culture, Community: The Vision of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC)

Persecution of Chinese American scientists and researchers in the current climate of hostility between US and China

Yellow Peril: Then and Now

10 Chop Suey: Chinese Food in the US


We are extremely proud of the work done by these students!

It is the intention of the Chinese Chapter to support student film projects each time the Chinese American History class is offered. Therefore, we welcome submission of topics for future projects. If you have family members or friends with information and material related to the history of Chinese Americans, please contact us!