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Cal Armed Forces Alumni (CAFA)

The mission of Cal Armed Forces Alumni (CAFA) is to ensure that its current and future alums reflect the diversity of the military.

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The mission of Cal Armed Forces Alumni (CAFA) is to ensure that its current and future alums reflect the diversity of the military.  In other words, Cal Armed Forces Alumni will make certain that all future and current Cal vets—regardless of era or branch of service—have access to resources to help them gain admission to Cal, achieve academic success while enrolled, and to develop personally and professionally.  To do so, the membership will assist all veterans, women, first-generation college attendees, disabled, socioeconomically disadvantaged, LGBTQ, student parents, formerly incarcerated, communities of color, and widows and widowers of Veterans.

By engaging and connecting Cal alumni through public service, Cal Armed Forces Alumni will develop a network of recruitment, retention and mentoring at Cal, whose purpose is to perpetuate cycles of empowerment and break cycles of poverty among those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.   By doing so, Cal Armed Forces Alumni fosters success amongst its members by promoting the core values of the University of California, Berkeley and the California Alumni Association, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Please donate to help our mission of providing Veterans equitable access to resources at Berkeley. 

Feb 2, 2013; Berkeley, CA, USA; California Alumni Association Young Alumni Hoops Party at Alumni House.
two alumni holding go bears sign

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