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Cal Golden Bears vs CU Buffs
Saturday, October 28, 2017

Let's show 'em that Colorado is Bear Territory!

We are excited to announce that RMGB will be selling tickets for the Cal vs. CU football game on October 28, 2017 (actual time is still TBD). This is a once-every-four-years opportunity to root for your Golden Bears in our backyard, so let's not squander it by showing up in force!

We are working with CU Athletics to have blocks of tickets for our members -- but the tickets are selling quickly since this is CU's Homecoming. Section 103, the section we'd get tickets for, is already 40% sold out and it's only August. The quicker we sell tickets, the better chances we'll have to be able to sit together, so don't delay in buying your tickets or else you might not be able to sit with other Cal fans.

There was also high interest for the Tailgate party -- details on this will be coming as we get closer to game day!

Here are details on how to order:

  • Tickets are a flat $75 each (if you buy through CU they are $75 + $8 handling fee per ticket) - savings of $8 per ticket!!
  • RMGB has Section 103, Rows 20-25 currently reserved - but if we don't sell these within the next 2-4 weeks, they will start to open back up to the public (remember this is Homecoming for CU so the game will sell out - if you are concerned with not being able to commit, you may want to purchase the tickets now and know that you can always sell them on StubHub later - maybe even make a slight profit)
  • Purchase your tickets via RMGB Paypal account through the link above or here.
  • If you do not have Paypal - please email the club (rmgoldenbears@gmail.com) that you'd like to purchase tickets, and then mail a check to:

Rocky Mountain Golden Bears
1661 Cook St. #202
Denver, CO 80206

Please note: tickets won't be processed until payment is received and processed, and this will delay getting your tickets.

  • Tickets will be purchased in batches from CU Athletics. Two weeks prior to the game, we will distribute tickets electronically as a PDF file to the purchasing party.

There was also high interest for the Tailgate party - details on this will be coming as we get closer to game day!

Thanks and Go Bears!